Close Air Support Hero 0.57 - Full Release!


We've been retooling pretty much everything about the aircrafts flight controls. Yes, you still use touch events to guide your attack aircraft on it's flight of destruction BUT it should be much more controllable and there should be far fewer inexplicable crashes when flying close to the ground.

v057 promo

So, there you have it. Better controls. Hopefully. :-)

Release 0.56 Continues to Gain Traction.


We're committed to those that stick with us and to continuous improvement of Close Air Support Hero. The first of many updates to come, release 0.56 has continued to gain traction on Google Play as daily downloads increase week over week.

CAS Hero downloads - June

Firmly established as 4 star game we're pumped that most of you "get it". Keep playing and we'll keep improving.

Major Update 0.56 Shipping Today!

Today we ship the first Close Air Support update with virtual goods. Players will now be able to upgrade their planes with precision guided weapons like the JDAM guided bomb or the Maverick Guided Missile.

CAS Hero Mission Info

Enhanced weapons targeting is also available which increases the effectiveness of even the basic unguided weapons.